White Women Who Date & Fuck Black Men, Why Are Yall So Quiet?

This is a question I’m asking for MYSELF. So let me get this straight, thae black man is good enough to lay in your bed and be seen with publicly; but he’s not worthy of you growing some fucking balls and standing up on their behalf? YALL WHORES GOT JUNGLE FEVER. THAT’S IT. A lot of yall weren’t built for the type of pressure that comes behind loving a black man. If you stayed silent during this movement then keep ya ass where you’re at. On another note πŸ™„ If you love a black man then PRAY FOR HIM πŸ—£Make sure God has him the same way you would. If you love a black man then speak life into him, give him encouragement and support. Society already does enough to tear down black communities and even if you’re just silent. YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.




Now we have seen this phrase, as well as the hashtag #BLM. I honestly just have one question. WHY IN THE FUCK ARE PEOPLE TRYING TO COUNTERPROTEST THIS INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT MOVEMENT? All lives cannot and will not matter until Black Lives Matter. There are wayyy to many people “protesting” behind their phone or computer instead of actually being active. There’s obviously not enough people willing to be apart of the solution instead they’d rather be part of the problem and hashtag #ALM. IF NOTHING CHANGES, NOTHING CHANGES. Its time to allow yourself to feel the anger and stand up for this cause. Because there is no justice for the black man in AMERIKKKA.